Let me explain. I spent a lot of time growing up a studio rat. Learning things by doing... no real training, nothing. I spent some time after that learning how to workshop actual songs live... boxing myself into a corner with an acoustic guitar, trying to write hooks like some goofus dime store Jepsen. I'm proud of the songs I've written for myself... but at some point I'd learned enough to try to write without trying. The instinct is to head off into the wilderness, but still make something you'd want to hear yourself. I'd spent nights with an eBow on my guitar, turning pedal dials. I'd spent nights with my dear Yamaha CS-10, trying to make it talk to me. I'd spent nights with the Korg DS-10, trying to make it sound like I wasn't using a Nintendo to make music... listening back to the songs I made years later, I knew I had a kind of manifesto. Late one night, my roommate and I went to an electronic show at Cattivo and it dawned on me: this stuff is great, and I'm already capable of it. So in a very short amount of time, I shut off the voice that holds me back and spent a whole day sober (aside from caffeine) just letting things fall out of my hands. The coolest part was I did everything I wanted... nothing was left unfinished, but I still let the cards fall where they would. I wasn't really interested in indulging myself. I'm not claiming to be Neu! or Asbestoscape or recreating something off of David Sylvian's "Manafon" but I called the project "Chozo Youth" for a reason. Someone somewhere will be lost in space, letting this be their middle-of-the-night soundtrack. This isn't for everyone, but maybe it's for you - and if it IS for you, don't worry, there's more to come. If you give it a chance, thanks. - xoxo, Shoop

Chozo Youth - Radio Zelda Catalogue Number RAZE-0007, digital LP released November 8, 2016

Catalogue Number RAZE-0007: Chozo Youth Hi-res cover

4.9MB, 1913x1913px

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