Somewhere between Kyuss and Sigur Rós, Like A Mountain, Like A Tiger are the sound of ancient things being reawakened. They construct - and CONSTRUCT is definitely the word for it - frameworks, rather than songs. Moments you miss if you're not there. Never jamming, always forward, feet planted on the ground. Tom Anderton, hailing from Birmingham, England is probably the nicest guy to ever knock anyone out in 90 seconds. In an age where record stores keep folding, he keeps Tom's Music Trade not only afloat, but expanding. In those stacks of records, he finds his fire... conducting rhythms that punish, yet slide... hiss, yet purr. He requires a match like James Fouty. Jim is the flipside of the coin, playing docile, but perpetually ready to fight. Sometimes he plays the pedalboard more than the guitar - something arcane, always different. But don't doubt his attack on the fretboard: nowhere near loose, perpetually liquid. Like A Mountain, Like A Tiger are the sound of ancient things being awakened... and if you're not careful, a bit like standing in a volcano. - RZHQ

"Their recently released EP/1 might just have two tracks on offer, but they showcase a sound from a band on the cusp of greatness. Whether it's the laid back spaced out instrumental jams of droning psychedelia, or the crushing heavy riffs and very rare distorted vocal samplings that get your heart pounding, this is the band for you." -

Demo 1 - Self-released CDr, 2014
Demo 2 - Self-released CDr, 2014
Live Sept 9 - Self-released digital album, Nov 2014
Live 11-29 - Self-released digital album, Jan 2015
EP/1 - Radio Zelda Catalogue Number RAZE-0001, digital EP released June 16, 2015

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