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Ronn Benway spurs any city he hits into action like Joe MacMillan with a washboard. Raised on Maryland Parkway in Sin City, he went on walkabout on Venice Beach before establishing the fabled Benway Bop back in Vegas. The record store was an artery, part of the heart of something bigger in LV, attracting the likes of Ween and the noble Bazooka Joe. Somewhere around 2006, the shit hit the fan and he spent some time on former employee and (current Satellite of Love pilot) Jonah Ray's couch. He lost almost everything - and then walked away from what remained once he discovered all it takes is a smile and a song. After discovering the Viking Moses (long before Alan McGee set ears upon him), he toured Europe gathering fans along the way. Under his wing, bits and pieces of Philly's The Plums became Ronn Benway and the Train To Salvation. Under another's wing, he became washboard player and Flavor Flav analogue in Shane Speal's Snake Oil Band. Always ready, always singing, always the center of the crowd. A bona fide troubadour in the manner most NPR barnacles could only HOPE to be, he is living proof that passion is survival... and survival can be sweet. - RZHQ

"In 2006 my former boss from a record store I worked at in VENICE went through a horribly fucked up separation from his wife. He lost everything and resorted to living on my couch for quite a while. Around the same time I got a Macbook that had GARAGEBAND. So, while I was out of the house working on a show that required me to dress like a giant MOLEMAN (Saul of the Molemen) Ronn would record these weird, loopy songs to keep his sanity.
Here's one about the one thing he heard people say when I said I was from Hawaii: Cool.
Ronn now busks around the country but lives mainly in YORK, PA. He's very very happy now."
- Jonah Ray

"Days Of Future Past" - Las Vegas Weekly

An interview with Shane Speal's Snake Oil Band from

Ronn also plays a part in the film "Find Your Way: A Busker's Documentary". It's available on Amazon, iTunes, VHX and Google Play.
Here's an article on it from the New York Times.

Ronn Benway on Discogs

...Is Rotten - Benway Tapes cassette, 1994

Kill The Head And The Body Will Die - Benway Tapes cassette, 1995

From My Mono Mouth To Yer Stereo Ears - Deadbug Tapes cassette, 1996

Wood Eye - LP released on Recycled Carbon Recordings in 1998, Natrixnatrix Records in 2007, Benway Tapes in 2010
and (As Ronn Benway) Radio Zelda Catalogue Number RAZE-0003, August 14, 2016.

Don't Know No Better - Benway Tapes cassette, 1998

After A Half Of An Hour... - Benway Tapes CDr, 2007

See Emily Play - Benway Tapes CDr, 2010

Companion - Epiphysis Foundation compilation CD - 2010

Rock On! - Self-released CDr, 2010

Meanwhile, Over By The Pig... - Benway Tapes CDr, 2011

Open Range - Epiphysis Foundation CD, October 2012

Shine Me Up Pretty (As 'Ronn Benway And The Train To Salvation') - Epiphysis Foundation CD, October 13, 2013

Catalogue Number RAZE-0003: Wood Eye Hi-res cover
Designed by Alex Salyer of Starburns Industries
(LP is a one-color screenprint)

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