Photo: Isaac Edmonson

The Shake Up was formed in 2013 when Will Whitney (formerly of Baltimore rockers Restless Ammunition) asked Chris Dempwolf (Dempwolf and the Damage Done) to split a bottle of cognac and help him play an acoustic set at a friend's birthday party. The two found that their mutual punk and folk influences melded well and enlisted the help of Patt Ness (Garrahan's Ghost) and Brennan DeVoe (rockabilly bassist from Fawn Grove) to sculpt a new sound. Their punk, folk, blues, and ambient rock influences came together to make a sound that praises simplicity while encouraging sonic experimentation with enthusiastic and energetic performances. The Shake Up finished their first Studio EP in 2016 and will soon be releasing a live recording and video of their performance at closing night of local music venue "F. H. Pappy's." The band is constantly evolving and exploring new sounds that arise and is currently working on an all new set of repertoire. The Shake Up hates run-on sentences but remains ambivalent towards the oxford comma and appears now with Chris and Will on guitars and vocals, Craig Walt on bass, and Tim Kolpak on drums.

Boondoggle - Self-released digital single - March 8, 2015
Room For The Both Of Us - Radio Zelda Catalogue Number RAZE-0005, digital/cassette EP released September 24, 2016 (digital) and November 2016 (cassette)

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