The question of "Who is Thornton Waterfall?" eludes even us here at RZHQ. Legend has it he did time with Philadelphia stalwarts Cold Fronts. There are several witnesses that claim he took the stage with Dempwolf and The Damage Done. There are a series of unreleased songs he claimed came to him in the midst of heat illness... odes to black books and untouchable women, white tuxedos and fresh-cut flowers. There was one documented instance of Thornton Waterfall taking the stage at Kung-Fu Necktie, all visible tenacity and razor-sharp bluster... or was that a dream? We do know he resides on the edges of very Allentown that Billy Joel sang about. Everything else is a series of satellite dishes tilted toward the skies, waiting. - RZHQ

Demo - Self-released digital/CDr EP, January 24, 2015

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